Cynthia (landsharkchamp) wrote,

Locked to distorted_deity, pokedressing, lingerie shopping! (NSFW)

[[Cynthia hummed slightly as she led Cyrus across the (albeit oddly designed) mall, into the rather large lingerie shop that stood opposite the homewares store. She could tell that his mood had instantly improved when she'd mentioned it, and it only made her happier.

He was so easy, at times~

The store itself was, in a world, huge. All types of erotic underwear was piled delicately on the shelves and racks, and the store had a very upper-class feel to it. This was to be expected, as the products were...not exactly cheap. But with that price came a great deal of....imagination, put it that way~]]

Where would you like to start, sweetheart~? It's up to you.
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