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Come, smile with me

Let me share my joy with you

2 January
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Champion Cynthia

This is a roleplay journal for the character Cynthia, from Pokemon.

Played by typhlogirl
annoying cyrus, arceus, astronomy, badass grandmothers, because i'm the champion, being a safe driver, being allowed to fight, being fierce, being generous, being queen of everything, being summoned, bitch please, black, bombs are not okay, bombs mean you're violent, bringing up the magikarps, celestic town, colourless green pencils, dancing, dazzling, dialga, distortion world shenanigans, do not want, don't you even, dramatic pauses, electricity is not okay, emotionlessness is not sexy, emotions, garchomp, gastrodon, god i'm fabulous, god i'm so fabulous, good luck with that, gtfo my town creeper, hairclips, happiness, happy and smiling, hax ivs, hey it's ash, hey that's my grandma, i am disappoint, icecream, icecream is delicious, it's a fucking lake, jeeps, joy, lakes =/= interdimensional portals, legends, lucario, milotic, milotic beats gyarados, my interests are superior, my serpant is prettier, my uglyfish is superior, myths, no!!, not being fridged, not going slow, not interested, oh i see, only weirdos hate icecream, overpowered monster sharks, paintings in caves, palkia, people, pokemon, pokemon battles, research centres, rockets did it better, roserade, sexy can i, sinnoh, sleep is awesome okay, smiling, spamming giga impact, spiritomb, stopping team galactic, sweet things are tasty, sweethearts, taking my time, talking about mythology, the adamant orb, the lustrous orb, the pokemon league, then diabetes is delicious, think of the magikarps, this universe is awesome, togekiss, tsundere =/= emotionless, watching you fail miserably, y so repressed, yep you're still hypocritical, you call that battling, you're a hypocrite, your bowlcut looks stupid, your interests suck