Cynthia (landsharkchamp) wrote,

Locked to oceansbane, pokedressing ...special funtiems (NSFW)

[[The island appeared to have a great library at it's disposal, as Cynthia never seemed to find herself without a suitable book to read. And as the weather was always so nice, she liked to read outside; embrace a bit of nature whilst getting embroiled into the exciting mythologies of the Sinnoh (and other!) regions.

Today she had wandered particularly far from her place of residence, to a small dusting of trees near the start of the cave system. Despite events that had occured within them, she felt no fear, choosing to settle herself against a wide-trunked tree and cracking open her book.

It was soon after she'd started a new chapter that she heard him approaching; one hand slowly slid down to rest on Garchomp's pokeball, the other continuing to support her book. Her expression was one of polite curiousity; she had nothing to fear, after all.

Or so she thought.]]

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