Cynthia (landsharkchamp) wrote,

Locked to distorted_deity; pokedressing kinkytiem (VERY NSFW)

[[Many odd things had happened to Cynthia on Awesome Island.

However, awakening with her wrists fastened tightly (with scarlet chains...?) to the head of the bed she'd fallen asleep in definitely counted as one of the stranger ones.

She also noticed that her bed covers were missing, and she suddenly felt very self-conscious, considering that she'd only worn her shirt and underwear to bed the previous night.

What really weirded her out, however, was the sight of a very familiar face staring impassively down at her, his arms folded behind his back, and her mind is immediately filled with suspicion as the odd material binding her arms suddenly takes on a sinister edge.]]

....Cyrus, what... there a reason for this?
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