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I really don't think....

[[She couldn't even remember just how the hell they'd gotten there; all that mattered was they were inside her house and the bed was right there and his hand was slowly sliding down her side.

The red string was gone but the powerful effect still lingered, clouding her senses and only letting her see him and the bed is right there, but...]]

It's not fair to Cyrus, Giovanni he's....it's not fair...
[[The island appeared to have a great library at it's disposal, as Cynthia never seemed to find herself without a suitable book to read. And as the weather was always so nice, she liked to read outside; embrace a bit of nature whilst getting embroiled into the exciting mythologies of the Sinnoh (and other!) regions.

Today she had wandered particularly far from her place of residence, to a small dusting of trees near the start of the cave system. Despite events that had occured within them, she felt no fear, choosing to settle herself against a wide-trunked tree and cracking open her book.

It was soon after she'd started a new chapter that she heard him approaching; one hand slowly slid down to rest on Garchomp's pokeball, the other continuing to support her book. Her expression was one of polite curiousity; she had nothing to fear, after all.

Or so she thought.]]

[[Cynthia hummed slightly as she led Cyrus across the (albeit oddly designed) mall, into the rather large lingerie shop that stood opposite the homewares store. She could tell that his mood had instantly improved when she'd mentioned it, and it only made her happier.

He was so easy, at times~

The store itself was, in a world, huge. All types of erotic underwear was piled delicately on the shelves and racks, and the store had a very upper-class feel to it. This was to be expected, as the products were...not exactly cheap. But with that price came a great deal of....imagination, put it that way~]]

Where would you like to start, sweetheart~? It's up to you.
[[She couldn't stop it replaying in her mind. That terrible, crushing feeling of loss...plaguing her body...

Cynthia shuddered, before angrily slamming her palm against the trunk of the tree upon which she was leaning. Why couldn't she get it out of her head?

She had been so forgiving so far. But this...this crossed the line. She just didn't know if she could forgive Cyrus for it.]]
[[Many odd things had happened to Cynthia on Awesome Island.

However, awakening with her wrists fastened tightly (with scarlet chains...?) to the head of the bed she'd fallen asleep in definitely counted as one of the stranger ones.

She also noticed that her bed covers were missing, and she suddenly felt very self-conscious, considering that she'd only worn her shirt and underwear to bed the previous night.

What really weirded her out, however, was the sight of a very familiar face staring impassively down at her, his arms folded behind his back, and her mind is immediately filled with suspicion as the odd material binding her arms suddenly takes on a sinister edge.]]

....Cyrus, what...

...is there a reason for this?
[[It was a beautiful night, she had to admit. Clear and cloudness. Almost perfect.

Cynthia was wandering through the meadow, the grass brushing against her legs as she moved, following the edge of the forest. She paused for a moment, breathing in the night air.

Yes, it was practically perfect.

Rounding a bunch of trees, she found her date sitting silently, also staring at the sky.]]

I told you I'd come.
She had had enough of this. The piece of the model tucked firmly in her pocket, she marched toward the old dwelling that she knew he now occupied; Garchomp had found him so easily. It was like he wasn't even trying.

Her foot slammed into the door, effectively forcing it open, and she stood framed by the sunlight, ice cream under one arm, spoons in the other, an eerily calm smile on her face.

"Hi Cyrus."

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